TMBG IFC Terms and Conditions

The TMBG IFC is a special, limited time offer from They Might Be Giants. The offering and sales page is available at and nowhere else. The TMBG IFC Offering consists of a number of base levels, along with products that may be added on to each level. The package is described in full at

The TMBG IFC is NOT a recurring subscription. It's a one-time payment to become a member of the IFC for this year. Any past or future IFC offerings must be purchased separately, if still available.

How to contact TMBG IFC

The TMBG Instant Fan Club is run by They Might Be Giants. Customer support for TMBGIFC can be reached at [email protected].

TMBG IFC Pricing

All prices are as shown on In order to view pricing, you must create a valid order by filling out all the listed, required fields. Once these fields are filled out you will be able to review a line by line price listing for your order before submitting payment.

There are rules governing the combination of products that can be purchased with the TMBG IFC, so the full pricing can only be seen by filling out the order form at Nevertheless, a partial pricing list follows:

  1. 2024 Instant Fan Club Premiere Level Membership - $99.00
  2. 2024 Instant Fan Club Executive Super-Boss Membership - $350.00
  3. 2024 Instant Fan Club Medallion Level Membership - $650.00
  4. 2024 IFC Premiere Level T-shirt (Add-on) - $30.00
  5. Blue canary nightlight - $30.00
  6. IFC 2024 coffee mug - $20.00
  7. TMBG's next album on CD - $15.00
  8. TMBG's next album on vinyl - $30.00
  9. Beast of Horns on CD - $15.00
  10. Beast of Horns on vinyl - $30.00
  11. First Album Art puzzle (add-on) - $30.00
  12. International Shipping Surcharge - $65.00
  13. Add-on Product Shipping Surcharge - $5.00

Refund and cancellation policy

All sales are 100% final. Membership is not refundable or transferable. Only one membership per individual. For US members, all shipping and handling is included in your membership. Because of customs, VAT, and international shipping, international orders must include additional charges.

Privacy and personally identifiable information policies

TMBG IFC must collect certain information in order to deliver the IFC offering to its members. TMBG IFC also collects information regarding IP address and browser configuration for troubleshooting and aggregated statistics. A summary of the data we collect is included in the section below.

Your data is stored in an SQL database connected to a custom web application, running on a server provided by Linode, set up for the express purpose of serving the TMBG IFC offering over the years. The server packages order information into reports, which are downloaded and used by TMBG, its management and its contractors, for order fulfillment. TMBG IFC does not share your information outside of They Might Be Giants, its management, and its contractors. TMBG IFC members will receive emails from They Might Be Giants after signing up for the TMBG IFC.

TMBG IFC uses Braintree to process all payments. Braintree is a payment provider that we integrate with in both the web browser and on our servers. TMBG IFC collects information about each payment that is made, but never stores your sensitive payment data.

TMBG IFC uses Braintree's "Hosted Fields" implementation. This ensures that TMBG IFC never stores or touches your payment data. All processing and storage of your full credit card number is done by Braintree or Paypal (through Braintree).

Summary of data collected